Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here are the pros....


So we did a bunch of fun things in March: went to the CA cousins (and I forgot my camera);
saw K&A in in SF with the whole fam (still no camera);
rushed back here for a week, and then round 2 of fun, with mom and dad coming for a few days (um, forgot *again* to take pics) and enjoying a week of the K and A gang (finally remembered I needed to actually *take* pictures). So, here are some for the family:

Easter Sunday am:

The various families:

Audrey helping the kids do eggs:

Notice that they're wearing, um, ski helmets.... :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 2 at Bogus for Siena

The snow was better but also quite a bit colder today (about 16). So even though by the end there was a fair amount of crying and one expression of "I don't want to go skiing again" it was all good and on the way home we planned our next trip.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Special visitors

We had some extra company earlier in the month and only wished they could have stayed longer! The kids, of course, climbed all over them and hung onto every word. My formal, posed portraits of them are here (why do I always forget to take real pictures?), as they're indulging the kids by playing a game following our waffle breakfast.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Remy day 4

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bringing in the new year

We headed over to mom and dad's place a few days after Xmas. Our trip over was a bit more adventurous than we wanted--no accidents or anything exciting, but we (meaning Conrad) drove 9/10ths of the way on snow/ice. It was slow going...and it's a wiiiiide, lonely state when you're doing 40 mph. Luckily we brought Daniel along and he kept us entertained.

Anyway we hung out at the home ranch, hit our fave Sunday brunch spot (Studio One--yummmm), played an afternoon's worth of Rook with Michael S. Lovely, lovely. Monday we hit Trader Joe's and Cafe Yum and Tuesday we headed for the coast (which is when I remembered that people do things with cameras other than carry them around in their purses). It was wet and windy over there--not too surprising.

We ate at another fave, Kyllo's, our first night there. (And if you're thinking that all we do is eat out, that'd be about right. I have several must-stops in OR, including at least one drive-through latte a day. I do not do this at home; it's a vacation thing.)

Then we *attempted* a beer-cheese fondue on New Year's Eve. We'd watched one made once but hadn't tried it ourselves. Needless to say I didn't quite hit it right but Daniel and Conrad got some cornstarch and saved the day. We'll have to try again next year...I only need cheese fondue once a year anyway!
Some folks lit fireworks on the beach right out that window behind Daniel, so on New Year's Eve we actually made it to midnight and watched the show with the waves behind. We had peach champagne and thought of the first time we enjoyed it years and years ago in Switzerland.
On Thursday we packed up and then had lunch at Kyllo's again before heading down the coast for the Newport Aquarium. I'd never been, and it was really a nice spot. My pictures don't do it justice as I was trying not to use the flash. So most of them are dark or blurry:

Most of the aquarium is indoors, but the seals and otters and other creatures are outdoors. It was pouring sheets of rain, but the kids must've inherited web-footedness from their mom as they insisted on traipsing to every single exhibit. We talked them out of the park, though.

And then we came home, cozy and dry, and visited other creatures. On Friday Con and I ditched the kids with grandma and Daniel (who had to go back into town) and headed for Portland. Con needed some trim at Ikea--we escaped with only one bag's worth of stuff, a new record of constraint for us. We then hit Penzey's -- so fun to see it in person, but now I'm happy to just buy through their catalog. If you haven't had Penzey's spices, give them a whirl. The prices are great and the stuff is great too! And then we were off to the Hanna Andersson outlet (50% off clearance--sweet!) and Columbia (new snow gear for both of us. Once every fifteen years is about right, right?) and then a few more stops on the way home. We made it to Dim and Jana's for dinner and it was great to see their new house all spiffied up!

Saturday was an extra-early start; we made it to Bend for a 9:00 breakfast with Callie. Then we were on our way home, on dry roads--what a relief. We came home, unloaded, and started the ol' washing machine up. And now it's back to school and work -- and we're rested and ready (and several pounds heavier!)

Friday, January 02, 2009

Student of the month

Here is our little kindergartener as the student of the month. I want to get one of those bumperstickers that says, "My honor roll student beat up your dumb kid" but that would not be nice and it is not in her nature unless it involves her brother and something she wants. I hope this works as I am posting for the first time from my phone.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

end of December fun

Snow Fun


We went up north for a few days--left our several-inches-of-snow for several-feet-of-snow. It was a great few days away and felt like a bonus since we hadn't planned on it until just a bit ago.

This shot's funny because it looks like I photoshopped some suspicious fellow in, but I didn't. Instead it's just our good friend following a very snowy ride down the hill:
The sweet girl with very cold toesie-woesies (I didn't get any good ones of her sister, who was off shredding the steeper hills):

And for fun, here's the dynamic duo in a configuration we dubbed Double Trouble: