Friday, May 23, 2008

More spring fun

We've only had a handful of nice days this spring, but these capture a few. First: Race for the Cure, which happens right outside our house. Adrian and I went with Siena--Con stayed home with a sick Remy, and Audrey was sick too. :) There are 14,000+ runners/walkers so it's quite an event.Con and Remy watched from our back yard:
Earlier in the month, Siena learned to ride her bike without training wheels! There's a lot of growing going on around here.

Last week we were lucky enough to have some master sidewalk chalk artists with us. I can't believe this is the only picture I got of Jay and Mike--we loved having them and got one greenbelt walk in. The kids *love* them and Mike spent a lot of time playing.
Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

may--getting caught up!

The last day of preschool--with her good buddy Nicole:

Spring soccer camp. I don't have a picture of the first Saturday--the one where it was maybe 35 and nearly snowing. Good times!

Mom and dad came for a quick weekend trip. Too bad they're lurking in the shadows here. It was a beautiful weekend!

A Saturday bike ride with Brennah and Anette (and parents).

more cousin fun

Then the cousins came to us! The fun continued. These are out of order ...first here is Brennah and Anette's birthday party. Recognize any rugrats?
Whoops--now we're on to Sunday am...

...back to the birthday party...
I included this one because it's so flattering of Kim and Brice both. :)
Another momentous occation: the first lost tooth! The two bottom ones are now gone.

We're so behind! A recap: March

...okay, okay. We haven't fallen off the planet--we've just been caught up in surviving a busy, fun spring! Here are a few highlights from the past few months.

So....way back in March, we enjoyed an action-packed spring break: first it was cousin time in Lake County. We headed for Ft. Bragg and caught a gorgeous blue-sky day there. I loved finding the glass beach with Kim (and Aschi and Con)--the kids had a good afternoon playing on the beach (except for Remy--he didn't like the waves so much).

Believe it: this is the best of about 5 shots of the four of them. Oh well.

Then we headed to S-ton for more cousin fun--and a Wiggles concert to boot!