Sunday, June 29, 2008

Happy campers

We're just back from a super fun weekend camping. We hadn't been in years--couldn't even remember the last time. We went up to Warm Lake, about 2.5 hours away. This is our campsite--overlooking Warm Lake. Just the campsite was beautiful! Our kids loved it even more; Siena reported that camping was more fun than Disneyland :)

Here's the view from breakfast:

Callie came too, which was fun:
Saturday after breakfast we went up to an amazing hot springs. I wish the pictures did it justice. We drove about 30 minutes down a windy, narrow road, and then all of a sudden Westin pulled over to the side. Somehow he'd spotted the steep stairs built into the hillside--you take a short walk down the side of the hill and then there's a hot tub-sized hot springs pool. Right beside it is the rushing, icy cold Salmon River. I'd never seen anything like it. It was just gorgeous and we enjoyed soaking there for a while.

The view of the hot springs, looking down:

On Saturday we continued eating, relaxing, and finding more water...after lunch, we headed around Warm Lake to a sandy beach and swimming area. The kids swam and swam, only stopping to warm up after their teeth started chattering.

First here are the dozing adults on the shore:
Corbin, Siena, and Remy building sandcastles:

Koby warming up in the sun:
Sadie enjoying the water with Natalie and Westin:

Today we enjoyed a quiet morning at camp and a study after breakfast. We left to have lunch and cool down at the swimming spot again. And then, of course, the results today after another morning of playing and camping:

We returned home to 100+ temps in our fair city, and so the mountain respite was especially nice. I have to admit that the manmade pool felt good tonight, though :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

weekend visitors

We were so sorry for the occasion--Ruby's (Lana's mom) funeral--but enjoyed having some extra company over the weekend. It was really fun to watch the 4 kids play together--they did well, especially with extra sun, little sleep, and lots of togetherness thrown in! Here are a few mug shots of the crew.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

conv. friends

It was perfect this year in every way--so nice to have mom out for Parma. Of course there's not one picture of her...but lots of other little folks. We loved watching the kids play and play and play...
A small part of the younger set--that's Sadie in the front :)

three little monkeys....
A rare family picture

Saturday am--Remy and Corbin

Siena and Emma--they are good buddies and had a ball together--very sweet!

Some of the tent-city kids--figuring out duck, duck, goose.

Shanna read a bedtime story.

A few of the kids on Thursday morning--and then we took a walk through the cornfields.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

bedroom paint!

Summer project #1 is sort of finished--that is, the walls are painted and now I need things like a new window covering, new trim, etc. I don't know how well the color will show up but I wanted a 1960s aqua color. The room is pretty dark and so the duvet cover is mostly white and the white dressers look nice against it.

I'm not really sure about the bed in the corner there--it's a bit awkward--but it does then free up a little space for a sitting area. Of course we've never been ones to actually sit in our bedroom so the chairs will probably be clothes-gatherers...and the chairs are the wrong color totally, but I'm hoping that perhaps pillows will tie them in? I also need some art for the walls, and more turquoise/aqua/white stuff.

I'd love to know what you think--any decorating ideas? The bed needs a tailored skirt since you can see right under it, more light, what else? A

Spring playtime

Some friends in MI got us a book about how brothers are fun to play with, and the kids have proven it to be true. The first two years of Remy's life, I wasn't so sure about this two kids thing. It sure is fun now, though: they play, a lot, together. Yes, they fight sometimes too--but they play and giggle and tell secrets and are good buddies.

Tracing each other -- a new art trick their buddy Mike S. showed them:

Last Sunday: