Tuesday, June 05, 2007

No change........yet

Well, the other night I was getting our little 2.5 yr old ready for bed. He decided it would be interesting to swallow a nickel. I heard him make a funny gulping noise and what had been a nickel in his hand became a nickel in his belly. So far no nickels have reappeared but no problems either. We called and the recommendation was to watch and wait if there were no obvious problems. So we watch and wait. What fun to search for hidden treasures.

Holiday Over

Well the inlaws and outlaws have come and gone. We had a great trip to CA and to the ranch for a couple days. We then drove back to Boise and brought the whole family with us. It was a quick couple of weeks but very enjoyable. Boise has been hot and we came to really enjoy the pool and our big girl is really taking off. She went from a timid swimmer needing both noodles and water wings to swimming with wings only. It has cooled off with snow anticipated in the mountains. I will work on getting some pictures up on my next day off.